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We Help Law Firms Get the Specific Types of Cases they are looking to Generate. We are a internet marketing firm focused on creative and results-driven solutions for medical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods lawyers, doctors, plumbers, roofers, car dealers, fitness or gyms andsmall business.

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Our full service digital agency approach helps you grow your brand online. Creative Web Design & Social Media Management along with savvy SEO and Paid Search Marketing.


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Since 2003, we have provided high-value, digital solutions that drive business growth for our clients. Harness the power of the web with search engine optimization, social media, local search marketing, web design, and paid search to engage quality business leads and increase sales to improve the bottom line

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Verdict Digital Marketing Agency

We’re a full service digital marketing agency in New York and New Jersey

Verdict Media Group is digital and web development agency in New York and New Jersey that delivers a focused strategy. We specialize in finding missed opportunities for your business to capitalize on.

The perfect balance of Digital Strategy that includes Creative Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, local and mobile search marketing to meet your unique business, markets and goals.

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The need for digital marketing services becoming increasingly important. If you do not have a properly optimized website, you are losing customers! More people now then ever use mobile devices to find goods and services from local businesses – This is why your business needs mobile and local search marketing.

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NYC Search Engine Optimization Results From Your Digital Marketing Strategy

New York City is one of the most competitive cities in the world. Its easy to get lost with all the skyscrapers, people, businesses and the internet is no different. Getting found in the Big Apple or the internet for New York SEO Experts is competitive market that’s why we know we can help your business succeed in that market.

New York is one of the largest and most diverse places and whether you are in business in Manhattan, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Astoria, Queens or Garden City, Long Island its very competitive when it comes to Google Organic Search Rankings. Many entrepreneurs get their businesses started in NYC because of the potential profits.

Major Cities are not the only thing that is competitive. Certain industries such as marketing for Lawyers and law firms, medical and dental search engine optimization can be challenging. Contractor’s such as plumber’s, electrician’s, home improvements companies are very competitive because of all the organic searches made on Google which can lead to huge profits for the business that can grab all that search engine traffic!

New York is also has talent, and that’s where Verdict Digital Marketing comes in.


We are obsessed with SEO for Lawyers and Plumbers. We know how to rank businesses for success.  If you want to take your business to the next level, what you need is for the phone to start ringing.

Maybe you have done a few tricks you’ve been told to rank your site to the top of the search results. You’ve listened to the so-called gurus, or maybe you have even spent money on low budget search engine optimization companies that promised quick results.
After all that, when you look at Google search results all you see your competitors you ranking you making money that should be yours and all you can do is ask yourself is why.

We totally understand. Don’t take short cuts. It takes money to make money.

We know understand minimizing costs, but don’t limit your potential! You know your business could be ranking better if you put in some more resources or had an search engine marketing agency that had a deeper knowledge about your target market specifically SEO in New York or Brooklyn for let’s say your dental practice, restaurant or hair salon. Maybe your website just need a few pages of extra content, or additional optimization such as an audit to improve rankings dramatically.

We think outside the box, that’s how we can help your business. We give you the exact SEO game plan you need to succeed in this competitive market Manhattan, Queens or where ever you are located.


We encounter many small business owners that worked with “SEO Experts” or agency’s, many with just a few years of experience or even SEO Companies that where run by salesmen with NO search engine optimization experience. They just outsource or hire random seo specialists to do minimal work.

This leads to mediocre results and possibly a major loss of business!

The most common problems inexperience “affordable” agency’s cause, are because they practice poor SEO service, using techniques such as:

• Using outdated search engine optimization tactics
• Violating Googles search engine marketing guidelines
• Outsourcing specialized Law Firm or Medical SEO services to inexperienced individuals and overseas firms
• Using the same “cookie cutter” strategies for various clients in different industries
Unfortunately it takes longer for us to repair the damages caused by these agencies, which in turn costs more money to repair not to mention the loss in revenue and traffic to your website.

Professional, organic SEO, especially for dental practices, law firms and plumbers can be challenging because it requires our experts:

• Staying up to date on Google’s algorithm changes
• Understanding and practicing new SEO technologies
• Analyzing your competition to design strategies that beat the competition
• Accurately decoding a websites analytics to determine potential problems before they become on oftentimes ambiguous data
• Creating affordable SEO strategies that will still produce results


• Lack of results from your Law Firm or “Plumber SEO expert,”
• Google may have penalized your website after you made “quick fixes.”
• You’re constantly paying your SEO firm money and are not sure your seeing results
• Lack of time or knowledge to expand your online presence or keep up with the ever changing world of SEO
• After delegated SEO and marketing tasks members of your staff, your small business still does not have direction
• You’re website is constantly out ranked by your competition
• Don’t know why you can’t find your website on Google Maps

Here is what is involved in the first 2 months.

  • Discus your goals and lay out an SEO strategy that is appropriate for the level of competition you will face
  • Performing keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Ensure proper indexing of your websites pages
  • Making sure your images are optimized for both SEO and loading speed
  • Making sure that your site’s title tags and header tags are optimized, but exclusively unique
  • Checking Google’s page speed insights for weaknesses and opportunities to help your site run smoother
  • Set up and optimize Google Maps, Bing Maps, and Apple Maps listing to make sure your business locations are verified
  • Analyzing all your directory profiles online to make sure each one is accurate, updated, and optimized
  • Analyze your competitions backlink profiles and create a strategy for high-quality off-site optimization
  • Performing a content audit, checking every page on your site for any plagiarism, duplication issues, or thin content
  • Building a content strategy for SEO

As you can see this is a daunting set of tasks; everything from cleaning up old citations to creating new ones. Optimizing your website and constantly building your websites authority. It’s essential to your websites SEO success. Not only is Google Maps a must so your ideal client can find your business, but Google’s organic algorithm now uses your Maps information to rank your business geographically.

If you’re ready to get started, call us today.