New Jersey and New York Digital Marketing Agency

Verdict Digital Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency based in New Jersey and New York. Our client list includes everything from individual lawyers and law firms, to medical professionals, to local contractors and small business startups to large eCommerce brands that need better search engine visibility for their products.

Marketing is about relationship building, and that starts in house.  Our team members have been both on the in-house and agency side of things so we know our clients’ exact pain points.

We know that many have been burnt in the past by agencies that made empty promises, so we set expectations and focus on educating our clients about the different aspects that make up their marketing campaign and most importantly: how we can bring them more revenue!

Our management team has delivered proven online results for the many businesses including specialty niches such as lawyer and medical marketing. We gathered extensive experience in many different areas of technology including, consulting, digital strategy, web design, social media, content and creative at large marketing agencies. We then refined many techniques and fresh ideas that take years for large online agencies to adapt to create a lean, nimble, responsive agency.

Why does this make us better for you?

Because technology is always changing and your business needs a digital marketing company that can adapt just as quickly to changes in search engine algorithms.  We work smarter, with a sharper focus on your goals and more accountability for your projects than large marketing firms.

At Verdict Digital Marketing, we love helping people and their businesses grow, and I want us to help you too. We really care about our clients and try to connect on a personal level which in turn helps the collaboration process providing you with the best chance for success

Who We Work With

Lawyers and Law Firms
Medical Professionals, Plastic Surgeons and Chiropractors
Cosmetic Dentists and Dental Practices
Contractors such as Roofers and Plumbers
Small Business, Car Dealers, Florists & Retail Stores
Restaurants, Pizzeria’s and Bakeries