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Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing Solutions – Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC & Web Design for Lawyers

Take you Law Firm to the Next Level and Dominate Your Local Market

Our law firm marketing services are designed to do one thing:  help you reach the clients that need your services.  We provide comprehensive and effective lawyer marketing solutions to help you establish and sustain your online presence.  Getting visits to your website is great, but we provide know that what your firm needs are qualified leads through calls and emails.

By using organic search engine optimization(SEO)  that starts with a sound content strategy, local SEO, paid search advertising or pay per click (PPC), web design, social media (facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter)  and reputation management, we can get both immediate and long term results for our clients.  With the additional tracking tools that we offer such as call tracking, and live chat, we can show you how many leads your getting, target where clients are coming from and what ads are working.

Because no two firms are alike, neither is your digital marketing campaign.  What worked for one firm won’t necessarily work for another just like internet marketing techniques that work today will not work tomorrow.

Lawyer SEO Marketing Solutions – What We Do For Your Law Firm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To successfully marketing your law firm online, you need to be found on search engines like Google.  At Verdict Digital Marketing, our search engine strategists work closely with you as well as our team of writers to create a sound lawyer SEO strategy for you website that will be engaging to your visitors and generate a long term flow of new clients.    Because Google updates its algorithms a number of types each year, our SEO specialists constantly monitor and update your campaign so your business does not get hurt by Google Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird.

Local Search (Local SEO & Google Maps Ranking)

Local search marketing is extremely important to business like law firms and attorney practices that serve an specific geographic region.  With the increased use of mobile phones having your firm listed on local results such as Google maps is a must.  We create citations, update incorrect data that is hurting your local presence and add structured data markups so that search engines and visitors alike will know who and where you are.

Legal Content Marketing and Blogging

Having relevant and informative content is not only the key to gaining search engine visibility, but to gaining new visitors as well. Visitors to your website are more likely to convert into new cases if they find helpful information on your website.  Our experienced teams of writers know what marketing lawyers online takes to be successful.   Through the creation of new AOP pages and blog topics, our writers will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign with content that is informative and persuasive which will result in more client cases your law firm needs.

Lawyer PPC – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Many new law firms want to get immediate results from their legal marketing campaign that organic search engine optimization does not.  For these law firms we add an SEM/PPC marketing expert to their marketing team who will get immediate results.  By getting top placement on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, your SEM specialist will allow you to target the types of clients and cases you are looking to get so you can start getting new cases immediately!

Social Media Management for Lawyers

You law firm’s social media presence is important to its online marketing campaign.  Creating social media profiles that will help interact with potential clients and leave positive reviews is something law firms need to take advantage of.  In fact 54% of users will visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews and 15% will contact a law firm after reading a positive review on their social media profiles.  Your social media team includes an SEO Specialist to help manage and create profiles that will encourage user interaction with your law firm giving you time to work on your practice.


 We help Law Firms get the specific types of cases they are looking to generate

Our marketing team’s primary goal is to generate your business leads by achieving high rankings and maintain them through the ever-changing world of search engine algorithms and needs of internet users., Then we use our eye catching designs and professional web content to gain a potential clients attention and convert visitors into a leads.


With our Sophisticated targeting techniques, eye catching designs and professional web content to convert visitors into  leads, Verdict Digital Marketing ensures your website will reach the right prospects— the key to producing high-quality leads.  Everything we do is to enhance your ROI and make our clients’ money!

Partner with Us! Affordable Attorney and Law Firm Internet Marketing Solutions

Talk to one of our legal marketing experts today and find out how they can jump start your online marketing campaign so potential clients can find your law practice.  Stop losing out to your competitors and start getting the cases you law practice needs!