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Roofing Marketing

Roofing Marketing: Increase Roofing Service Customers and Grow Your Revenue

Tired of Losing Business to Competitors? Stop Waiting for New Business, We Can Grow Your Business!

Just as every house has a roof, every roofing business should have a roofing SEO strategy for their website. An attractive, well designed website is nice, but not if people searching for a roofing service can’t find your business.
Having a well optimized website will grow your business by making it easy for potential clients to find you. What does it take become a top roofing company? Roofing SEO; Its simply the best most cost effective way to grow your roofing business. Interested? Let’s go over everything you need to know about SEO for roofers and how to get your business stand out from your competitors!

Roofing is a competitive business. You need to be sure you are reaching potential customers in your service area. To do this, you need to optimize your website so it ranks at the top of Google’s search results for local roofers. At Verdict Digital Marketing, we are experts in internet marketing for roofing companies. We run your SEO to ensure you stand out among your competitors.


What is SEO and Why Do I Need SEO for My Roofing Company?

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that increases your organic search engine rankings and traffic by optimizing your website’s pages to make them more visible to search engines and searchers. Having a website is great, but without SEO, your website is like having a boat in the middle of the ocean. .
SEO plays a crucial role in helping roofing companies attract qualified visitors to your website that lead to more scheduled roofing jobs. A number of things are required if you want your website to rank higher than every other roofing company:

1. Your onsite content must be engaging, establish your company as an authority in the roofing remodeling industry and answer questions that potential customers have.

2. Onsite SEO elements referred to as Technical SEO has nothing to do with the actual content of the website. It involves optimizing your site’s infrastructure things such as crawling, indexing, site structure, schema, etc. If search engines cannot crawl your website and index its pages, you will lose out on new customers.

3. Your offsite factors such as links from other authoritative sites need to be optimized to build your website’s authority.

4. Your web design and development needs to be professional. You site needs to load quickly, an its code must be easy for search engines to find and crawl so you can rank better.

Verdict Digital Marketing offers roofing companies a turn-key solution that meets the requirements above. The end result, for many of our roofing clients, is an exponential increase in website traffic, leads and sales!

SEO is invaluable for your website to help engage users though informative content and keywords relevant to your roofing services
Original informative content along with keywords are a vital part of SEO. Content that lets potential customers find out about your business, what you do, and relevant information a visitor wants to know so they can make an informed decision. Using specific keywords in the content that drive traffic to your business, helps target online searchers that may be looking for you roofing services and gets them to your website.

For example, our writers take the relevant keywords our SEO experts want to target and use them throughout your page. Dedicating pages to specific topics will help you rank higher in search engines. This helps your website become relevant for search queries, like “roofing services in New York” or “roofing company near me”.

Another part of SEO consists of things that we refer to as Technical SEO. Technical SEO involves optimizing your site’s meta tags, schema, internal linking, user-friendly navigation, site structure, site speed, etc, which is part of the many elements Google looks at when it determines how high to rank your website.

See How Your Roofing Website Compares to You Competitors

What We Do for You: Our SEO Services for Roofing Companies

Unlike other SEO companies, we perform our work as if we were the business owner. We strive to provide superior service by offering the following to all our roofer SEO clients:

• A dedicated Account Manager, someone who understands business and SEO, to be your guide
• Detailed monthly reports (you can actually understand) that connect SEO performance to your firm’s bottom line
• A support team that includes an analyst, web designer/developer, and a dedicated professional copywriter
• Access to our proprietary analytics software (better data drives better results)
We offer month-to-month contracts so you’ll never have to worry about being locked into a long term roofer SEO contract. That’s because we let our results speak for themselves.

Our Roofer SEO Process to Grow Your Business: What We Do for You


We can’t make adjustments or show you your progress unless we can measure your results. Tracking your visitor’s interaction with your website is where we start your SEO services at Verdict Digital Marketing. We market our clients’ businesses as if they were our own, so we think you need to know about your visitors and how they are getting to your website that’s the only way we can make intelligent decisions about your marketing for both SEO and website. We must evaluate your marketing in a manner similar to the way a great accountant would review your financials. Most SEO companies brag about rankings and traffic. But both metrics do not matter if you’re not seeing increases in profit, revenue and booked jobs from organic searches.

SEO is much like sports, someone’s got to win and someone’s go t to lose. In order for your website to rank higher up in organic search results, you need beat out all the other roofing websites which are currently outranking you because they are better optimized than your site.

Two of the most common questions roofing contractors and exterior remodeling companies ask us is, “how long does SEO take?” and “how much SEO do I need?” These questions are hard to answer without our SEO specialists performing a without a thorough analysis of the websites of other roofing companies in your area and your existing if you currently have one.

A typical SEO audit for roofers includes:

• Implementation of Analytics and SEO software
• Keyword research (Primary keywords searchers use to find your business)
• Competitor analysis (Check of their backlinks, keywords, website, etc)
• Analysis of your website code, structure, and content
• Analysis of your company’s online presence (backlinks, social media, and more)
The result of this SEO audit report is the basis for our SEO strategy, which our team is going to implement.


Now that we have this data from our SEO audit next step in the SEO process is to improve your websites onsite SEO. Like a house, your website needs a strong foundation for which to build SEO success. This includes all the necessary items to rank well on Google such as, a properly coded website, that’s responsive, search engine and mobile friendly, structured properly and all onsite elements optimized correctly. We want to fix any coding and site structure issues before start optimizing your content with H1’s, internal linking, etc.

Onsite SEO optimization includes things such as improving your website’s title and meta tags, restructuring your site URL’s, and sitemap, renaming various web pages, updating your website image files giving them more SEO optimized names, improving your local SEO by creating content that is geographically optimize, increasing your website speed (yes, page load speed is an important ranking factor)


With the right foundation and our primary keywords in place, the next step in the SEO process is to update the content on your website creating new website pages if needed. Google ranks each page of your website, so we want to make sure our content for each page gives you the best possible chance to rank our relevant keywords.
Our content specialists create content for your website to target keywords users search for, provide some answers to potential customers, but also to show these visitors that you and your company are the authority in roofing companies. Most roofing contractors we speak with hate creating website copy and do not see the need for it, but this is where the money for your business comes from! That’s why Verdict Digital Marketing has professional copywriters that are in-house, US-based, and specialize in creating original, relevant content unique for your roofing company.


The last step in our roofer SEO process is to expand your overall reach on the web. We want to have links on 3rd party sites as well as receive links from other authoritative websites such as local listings like Google or Yelp, manufacturer’s pages, the BBB, etc. as votes of confidence or recommendation. The more backlinks we get from high-authority websites, the more authoritative and respected your roofing website becomes in the eyes of Google. Again, these are quality links, not low level links from spammy websites with little or no information on them and we do not create millions of links in a week or month. This is a surefire way to have your website banned from the search rankings. SEO is an ongoing process, we build links to quality websites and encourage other websites to links to your website naturally by outreach and creating unique content.

Roofing SEO with Proven Results

I’m sure like most roofing companies, you probably get emails every day promising #1 rankings on Google at a really cheap by self-proclaimed “SEO experts”, sound familiar? We know it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. At Verdict Digital Marketing, our SEO services are driven by data and backed by proven results. Call us and let us help educate you so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your roofing marketing campaign