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CPG Marketing

Digital Marketing for Consumer Packaged Goods Brands: Growing your Brand by Putting Your Products In Front of Online Shoppers

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands are currently entering a new digital frontier that is extremely competitive. Search engine results pages are the new “shelf space” and its competitive because brick-and-mortar retailers dominate organic results both oraganic search results and the Local 3 Pack or Google Maps listings.
Consumer packaged goods brands and retail stores have the same goals, to drive sales from consumers whether its walking into a store or seeing your product online to purchase products.

What is CPG?

CPG or Consumer packaged goods (CPG) is an industry term for merchandise that customers frequently use up and replace. Consumer packaged goods include household goods such as, food, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning products. That is why these CPG brands need digital marketing, to reach these customers when they are ready to make that purchase.

Typically CPG products are sold by brick and mortar retailers or big box stores. They use creative packaging designed to “brand” or “differentiate” a product from its competitors on a grocery store’s shelves. CPG market is highly competitive with shelf space being a hot commodity but now digital marketing company’s like Verdict Digital Marketing are helping CPG companies to take advantage of the internet and sell CPG through e-commerce channels.

For many years advertising on television was one of the primary channels for CPG brands to advertise, in fact during the super bowl, most of the commercials are packaged goods products such as beer, soda, chips, detergent and cleaning products strategically placed by a CPG marketing agency. Now with the price of ads and difficulty in tracking sales lift from television ads, many consumer packaged goods brands, especially smaller brands are opting for digital channels to level the playing field and be competitive.

CPG Search Marketing: SEO That is Natural, Organic and Non GMO, Just Like your Brand!

CPG Marketing Needs to Focus on Consumer Intent

How a user searches for a product can help search engine marketers understand user intent, whether a searcher is looking to learn about a brand, research what products exist or are ready to make a purchase. CPG digital marketing is based on a searchers keywords and need to focus on sending consumers to best destination for a product purchase. This may includes blog content showing visitors how to use your product, understand what it does, or creating a video to use on sites like YouTube to increase conversions or awareness. Getting your brands products on store shelves isn’t the best way to reach your customers anymore, but creating valuable content on your websites will have an impact on your bottom line.

Verdict Digital Marketing uses a number of techniques to target these searcher:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Creation
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Social Media Marketing (including paid ads)
Web Design and Development
Video Creation

Digital Marketing Services and Strategies for CPG Marketers

Think With Google said “one-quarter of shoppers who used brand websites or mobile apps to browse or research ended up spending 108% more than shoppers that didn’t”.

We know CPG shoppers search multiple times to visit numerous destinations online, so brands must work hard to update their websites frequently to keep them relevant, useful, and interesting. . According to Think With Google, CPG customers that watched a brand on YouTube report spending 40% more than consumers that didn’t. Video content has shown exponential growth over the past few years; CPG marketing should pay close attention to these trends.

In a recent study, Think with Google: said ” 43% of CPG shoppers said they used search in their most recent shopping journey to become inspired, browse, or research.4 Even more meaningful: Those shoppers reported spending 50% more than those who didn’t say they used search.”

Verdict Digital Marketing’s Services for CPG Brands

“One size fits all marketing does not work. We are a boutique firm offer techniques that are “outside the box” so your brand can stand out from the crowd.

Search Engine Optimization 

Our SEO experts create an SEO strategy, for both Onsite and Offsite SEO, that includes performing a competitive analysis, keyword research and optimize your websites pages, products and content pages to help you rank in search results. This includes Onsite elements such as meta titles and descriptions to help users and search engines discover what your pages are about, internal linking to help users discover the other products your brand offers, URL structure so Google instantly knows what your webpage is about. We add additional markup code to the website as well to help search engines understand your pages and index them properly.

In fact many CPG websites do not properly optimize their products images which not only results in a loss of rankings and potential customers. Things such as Alt text tells search engines what your picture for instance if you post a picture for a product such as a “Pie Crust”. A better way to optimize your photos alt text would be to say “Organic, Graham Cracker Pie Crust”. Not only is it more descriptive, but also helps search engines know what exactly your product is about. Whats worse is if their webmaster or web development team failed to optimize their image file size can lead to a slow loading websites and get penalized by Google.

Content Marketing – Tell Consumers Your Brands Story

Original content is extremely important for search engine optimization. By incorporating original content into your brands website, we can bring awareness to your brand, tell your brands story, and targeted content are the keys to driving sales and brand loyalty to your CPG brand. Verdict Digital Marketing’s experience content team specialize in writing for SEO. By understanding and leveraging your ideal buyer personas, we work with you to create a truly custom digital marketing strategy
that will increase search engine traffic and drives visitors from first contact to sales.

Social Media Marketing – Let Your Brand Start the Conversation

Verdict Digital Marketing creates custom social media strategies that includes creatives and content strategy that connects with users on different social media channels. Potential customers use social media to learn about your products, look for product recommendations from friends and relatives before making a purchase online. Our team has experience producing content that will increase brand awareness and reputation while finding creative ways to us social media to create brand awareness

Utilizing paid social media such as Facebook ads is crucial to the success of your CPG company. Its extremely important to advertise to the millions of people that are using social media for hours a day, who are purchasing items online daily.

We create a Facebook campaign strategy includes original content, pictures and video with a dynamic range of possibilities in order to reach and engaged and targeted audience. This will increase drive tons of traffic, but it greatly increases brand awareness.

Facebook Ads offers one of the most advanced targeting capabilities that goes beyond basic demographics such as age and gender. You can target your audience by interests, behavior and more to fit your ideal customer personality. Audience targeting helps CPG brand optimize their budget and engagement by reaching the best audience possible for their budget.