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New Jersey SEO Experts

You just searched or “New Jersey SEO” and found us. Now let us get your business found online! Increase leads and revenue by outranking your competition on Google.

Creating SEO Campaigns

Right from the start my SEO strategies were constructed and tested, SEO (search engine optimization), was not even a term yet! I just tried to rank websites online to generate business. That SEO method continues to this day. If everybody is out there using the same SEO techniques and “Advanced expert SEO methods” then how are these SEO Experts going to rank your website? Everybody is watching the same videos and reading the same blogs that are all guessing at what work for ranking websites on Google.

We Actually test our SEO Strategies to make sure they work! There’s an idea!

New Jersey SEO Agency that Actually Gets Their Hands Dirty

Overview of the SEO Process

When I start my SEO campaigns, I explain to customers or prospective clients, what search engine optimization is. How its the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website by increasing the authority of a website or a web page on search engines.

SEO uses techniques to increase the number of organic traffic to a website by increasing a websites rank for specific search queries such as New Jersey SEO Agency or Personal Injury Lawyers in NJ, as well as increasing referral traffic from third party websites like local directories and social media websites

Having New Jersey SEO services is a great way to increase new business to a website, but I make sure to explain to them, it is the foundation of a successful digital marketing strategies, however its only one tool in our toolbox. Remember, Google is a business and they want you to buy traffic, not get it for free using a SEO expert in New Jersey.

Before we talk about what technical SEO, OnPage SEO, Off Page SEO and a custom SEO content strategy are, let me show you WHY you need Search Engine Optimization.


Completely Custom Strategies for Your New Jersey Business

My New Jersey SEO strategies are custom created so that they are are highly relevant for your specific market and niche. The Garden State is quit different from North Jersey to South Jersey, so Strategies in Hoboken or Jersey City would be much different than those for businesses in Morristown or Clifton, NJ


What Makes SEO in New Jersey Different?


First, the competition in New Jersey is strong and many businesses in NJ are hiring SEOs or other digital marketers such as Verdict Digital Marketing, to systematically to grow their digital presence. What this means is that a typical SEO Services or a simple white hat SEO approach is not going work. Hoping is not an SEO Technique that I’ve ever used.


Second, every campaign is unique because every business, location, niche and keyword, is completely different and require different SEO techniques in order to have a successful campaign. Difficult campaigns that are extremely competitive require different amounts of content, quality videos, optimized images, backlinks or whatever is implemented on a ranking website. Google decides what requirements it has to rank for a specific keyword in a specific geography.

This requires your SEO consultant create content for your campaign around using terms like “New Jersey Plumber” will be much more competitive than something like “Plumber Clifton, NJ”.


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So What do You Do?

Let Google know You’re an Entity for your location and target Keyword.

Our SEO strategy involves letting Google know you are an authority at something in New Jersey for whatever it is you do and relevant for keywords and topics related to your business.

What is that something and why would Google believe you are the best option for that something?


If we look at the New Jersey SEO Consultant ranking for myself, I made sure to establish WHO I was, WHATI do and WHERE I am located with Google through citations such as Google My Business. This lets Google knows I exist, provide a service and am highly relevant for anyone looking for my service in New Jersey or Jersey City, NJ.


Google My Business is great for establishing an understanding of your business, it’s location, what products or services you offer, and the competitive nature of the market.

Now we work on different ways to make Google understand what you do, who you service and why you are relevant to them.